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Name:Asato Tsuzuki
Birthdate:Jan 20

Name: Asato Tsuzuki

Fandom: Yami no Matsuei (aka Descendanta of Darkness)

Media: Anime/manga

Physical description: Tall and slim, even nicely muscled (a physique he somehow manages to maintain despite his insatiable sweet tooth and his incredible laziness; one of the perks of being a shinigami), boyishly good-looking with perpetually mussed brown hair and soulful violet eyes. He has a smile like a dolphin, but sometimes it has a forced quality to it. Usually dressed in a black business suit under a rumpled charcoal-grey trenchcoat, which gives him something of a film-noirish look, but his disposition is anything but film noir-like.
Personality: Cheerful and friendly, generous to a fault, laid back to the point of laziness; very open to meeting new people and tends to make friends very easily, but can get a bit flustered if they don't seem to appreciate his bouncy disposition. And yet, behind his cheery exterior, he hides a angsty side which holds many regrets for things in his past which he avoids discussing if he can help it. He has an almost childish fondness for sweets, particularly apple pie and cake.
Short biography: Tsuzuki serves as a shinigami or "guardian of death" in the Ministry of Hades, an organization in the afterlife which assists the souls of the dead as they cross over; in many respects, he's somewhat like a homicide detective, but he doesn't particularly enjoy having to, in effect, end the lives of some of the harder cases involved. He's gone through partners like a cop goes through donuts, mostly because his sloppy work habits drive them to distraction, but he has managed to form a very deep bond with a sixteen year old empath named Hisoka Kurosaki. The two of them have faced down demons, vampires, ghosts and other things that bedevil the world of the living; not a few of the unnatural deaths they have covered ended up being the work of the diabolical Dr. Kazutaka Muraki, a silver-haired and silver-tongued serial killer and mad scientist who has more than a few plans for Tsuzuki, and not all of those plans involve weird science. Because of this, Tsuzuki has a lot of mixed and conflicted emotions for his nemesis, ranging from anger and deep hatred to an almost achingly helpless attraction and desire.

He appears to be about twenty-six years old (the age at which he passed away), but he is in fact, over a hundred years old (as of 2010). However, he rarely discusses his life before his death, aside from alluding to more pleasant memories of his family life, though a few definite things are known about his history: because of his unusual eye color -- no humans have eyes of such a brilliant shade of violet -- he was teased and tormented by the other children in the small town in which he grew up, and at one point, he was beaten nearly to death, recovering only because of his unusual ability to heal rapidly and the intervention of his sister Ruka. At age eighteen, his entire family died mysteriously, and there are indications that he may have been responsible; afterward he fell into a catatonic state and was taken into a private clinic by one Yukitaka Muraki, the grandfather of his future nemesis. For eight years, Tsuzuki wavered between catatonia and a comatose-like state, awakening only for brief periods in which he became violently suicidal, finally ending his life one cold winter night. There is also evidence that he may not be entirely human, and this may explain why, despite being a slacker who hasn't managed to earn himself a promotion or a raise in over eighty years, he commands twelve shikigami, powerful protective spirits which often assist the shinigami.
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